Young adults

Young adults

As a diocese, we recognise the increasing need to connect and engage with people in their 20s and 30s.

With a high student population and large areas of new housing being built in our area we anticipate a rise in the number of people in this age bracket coming to live in our diocese. We want to celebrate the work of churches actively engaged in this area of ministry, as well as develop resources and support for churches who want to do more.

By understanding the needs of young adults and the social, economic and geographical impacts on their lives, we want to see the church increasingly reaching out to this age bracket, meeting their needs and generating a church that is relevant and appealing to them.

Research published in September 2015 shows that 1 in 5 people have spoken with a Christian and would like to find out more.

'Talking Jesus' is a new initiative to get people chatting together with their family and friends about Jesus. The Evangelical Alliance film below is another good resource:-

Talking Jesus from Evangelical Alliance on Vimeo.


We want to find new ways of connecting with people aged between 18-40 across the diocese. By working with both Fresh Expressions of Church and parish churches we want to help our Christian communities to be better equipped to make contacts and to share the message of Jesus with this age group. We aim to do this by:

  • understanding young adults better by listening to them and working alongside them
  • mapping the landscape across the diocese to see were young adults live, work and socialise
  • mapping and celebrating existing engagement with young adults in our churches
  • helping all churches make more of the encounters they already have with this age group through community engagement, weddings and baptisms
  • enabling Christians in this age bracket to have confident and meaningful 1-1 conversations about their faith with their peers
  • engaging effectively with the digital generation.

The Gabriel Collective

The Gabriel Collective is a community seeking to:

'resource, equip and network a group of young adult digital story tellers to share their everyday life, their faith and the difference following Jesus makes, on line with their peers. Empowering a network that keeps growing and reaching out to a digital generation.'

To find out more:

Visit our website or follow @thegabrielco

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