Self-Supporting Ministers (SSM)

A Self-Supporting Minister (SSM), is someone who Ministers for the church, but who does not take a stipend.

There are as many ways to be a Self-Supporting Minister (SSM). Some work full time in ministry, either in a parish context or elsewhere, some are part-time in the parish but may also have another significant commitment (caring for family members, voluntary work, etc), others have a full-time commitment outside of the church and can only take part in services and parish activities at weekends or in the evenings.

All SSMs need to have a Working Agreement, which makes clear what the commitment they can offer is and ensures that they have some time off. SSMs are entitled to a Statement of Particulars, setting out the terms of their contract with the diocese.

SSMs who are licensed to a parish, but have a significant working context, also need to be supported by their parish.

Whatever the details of an SSMs working life are, they are united as priests wherever they are doing.

Self-Supporting Ministry Working Agreement

  • You can download the Self-Supporting Ministry Working Agreement here.
  • Please note, this Agreement is currently being revised to include all SSMs, not just Curates, and this will be published once available.

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