Higher Cambs

Higher Cambs

In 2018, Ely Diocese partnered with the Message Trust, Cambridge and District for Christ, Newmarket and District Youth for Christ, Scripture Union, Mission Direct and local churches to organise Higher Cambs.

Higher Cambs saw four Christian bands deliver 34 days in schools, leading workshops and lessons on relevant issues such as bullying, racism and choices and consequences from a Christian perspective. Here's a taste of what they delivered:-

During October 2018, Higher Cambs reached 13,120 young people in 34 schools, with 1,925 young people attending three evangelistic gigs where 784 took home a gospel response pack. 

After the mission, local churches across Cambridgeshire ran 49 follow up sessions where young people could continue to respond to the gospel message within their local communities.

We are currently planning the next phase of Higher Cambs for October 2020.

For more information please contact Natasha Clark on [email protected] or 01353 652 714 or mobile 07445 047 965 or visit the High Camb website

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