Community Action and your Church

This page provides some links and general advice on how your church might support your local community during times of social distancing. It also includes links to FAQs on matters of church hall use for food-banks and donating blood.

Community Action

There is a Church of England Guidance note on churches’ community action during COVID-19 on the Church of England website here (navigate to the 'documents section of the page and follow the link).

Churches are supporting their local communities in many different ways. It’s important to work in partnership with others and is there to assist local churches in this way – do sign-up to this ecumenical support network that seeks to connect churches with the broader community network in order to maximize effectiveness for the benefit of those most vulnerable.

Community uses of Church buildings

There are some specific FAQs on the Church of England website around the use of church buildings as night-shelters of bloodbanks and these can be viewed here.

Page last updated: Tuesday 28th April 2020 3:59 PM
First published on: 28th April 2020
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