Criminal justice

The core aim of the Diocesan Criminal Justice Forum is to raise awareness of current and long-term issues. We also provide information so that people can make educated decisions and if necessary challenge policies.

Criminal Justice is an integral part of our everyday life at a personal, national and international level. The way we respond to criminal justice issues moulds our society for the future and is a reflection of our morality and treatment of our fellow human beings.

The Criminal Justice Forum consists of members with a range of connections and involvement across the criminal justice system. Traditionally there is a strong affiliation with 'prison issues' especially as there are two prisons in our area; HMP Whitemoor, which is a maximum-security prison for men in Category A and B is situated near the town of March. HMP Littlehey is an adult category C training prison for men, near Huntingdon.

There are several meetings throughout the year, some of which are advertised as 'open meetings' with speakers and an opportunity for discussion and debate.

The Chair of the Criminal Justice Forum is the Revd David Kinder, Chaplain at HMP Littlehey.

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First published on: 24th June 2019
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