The National Church school system is managed and developed through individual dioceses.

Our schools and academies serve the needs of all faiths and none and are open to children and parents from across the community regardless of background, perspective, religion or culture. Our schools are part of our mission to educate children in an environment that reflects our values in the communities we serve.

Within the Diocese of Ely there are currently 83 Church schools and academies, collectively supporting over 8,000 parents, 14,000 learners and 1,800 leaders, teachers, governors, volunteers, clergy and church lay colleagues. Currently just one of these schools is a secondary school (St Bedes Interchurch Academy in Cambridge).

The Diocese of Ely supports the teaching of children in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Diocesan Board of Education

To support our schools each Diocese has a Diocesan Board of Education (DBE), served by a Diocesan Director of Education.

The role of the Diocesan Director of Education is to oversee developments and support schools on a day-to-day basis.

Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust (DEMAT)

With the exception of four stand-alone academies, Church academies within the Diocese are members of the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust (DEMAT).

DEMAT was established by the Diocesan Board of Education specifically as a stand-alone legal entity. It has its own Board of Trustees, reporting to the Diocese as the overriding parent body, as well as to the Department for Education, as the majority funding body.

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