Way of Life for Adults

Although this may look a bit like a study course, it is not meant to be treated that way. 

The aim is not to get through a course - the aim is to use the structure of the Way of Life to develop a way of living. To suit the different ways in which people engage with new ideas, the Way of Life has two alternative approaches; What of Life: explore and Way of Life: reflect, which are explained towards the bottom of this page.


The Way of Life resources are designed as an essential guide for anyone leading a group through the Way of Life. 

They may also be used by group members and individuals who want immediate access to some of the main theological background and ideas that run through the Way of Life.

Leaders will find it helpful to read through all of the material before they plan how to lead a particular group through the Way of Life.

While the basic structure of the Way of Life is given, different approaches will be appropriate in different settings, so leaders are encouraged to use their own wisdom in deciding how to introduce and work through the content. Leaders are encouraged to draw on their own experience and wisdom to design each session in ways appropriate to their group's style and context.

The materials for the Way of Life are divided according to the five sections of the Commission. There is also an introductory section designed to highlight the corporate nature of Christian discipleship. This exploration of what it means to be on the Way of Life together is important because there is a strong tendency in our culture to focus mainly on the individual.

We praise and thank you, God of the journey, for all your gifts to us in the past. We look to you as fellow traveler and faithful companion on the way ahead. Shelter and protect us from all harm and anxiety; give us grace to let go of all that holds us back; and grant us courage to meet the new life you have promised us In Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Each group's journey through the Way of Life may include ups and downs, circular routes and even dead ends. Sometimes it will require a few steps in a direction to see what is on the next horizon, and there may need to be times of rest and opportunities to revisit certain stages along the way, so it is fine to move backwards and forwards across the sections and materials.

The aim is not to complete the course but to grow and be transformed through the process of engagement.

Way of Life: explore

This version of Way of Life is most suited for people who prefer a more visual or interactive approach.

Way of Life: reflect

This version of Way of Life is most suited for people who enjoy engaging with words and study.

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First published on: 25th September 2019
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