To follow Jesus is to be his disciple.

In the Gospels those who responded to the call of Jesus to follow him were known as ‘disciples’. It was customary for Jewish Rabbis to have a group of young men who would observe closely their teaching and way of life.

Jesus’ disciples were a bit different; most were older, had established professions and, although the inner twelve were men, there was a larger group which included women. But the principle was the same, they learnt from Jesus as they spent time with him just as Mary did when she deserted Martha in the kitchen to listen to Jesus.

It is the same today. Jesus calls us to put our faith and trust in him and to seek to grow in his likeness as we spend time reading the Bible, in prayer, learning and sharing our faith together, remembering his death and resurrection in the Eucharist, and sharing the good news of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness in Christ through our words and actions.

Discipleship is at the heart of our faith, it is about our daily relationship with Jesus and how, like any relationship, we can help that to grow and flourish. It is a life-long journey, one that constantly challenges our priorities, values and attitudes as the Holy Spirit works in us to transform us more and more into the people God wants us to be.

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