Self-supporting ministers

There are as many ways to be a Self-Supporting Minister (SSM) as there are people doing it!

Some work full time in ministry, either in a parish context or elsewhere; some are part-time in the parish, but also have another significant commitment part-time (other work, caring for family members, voluntary work of some kind, ...); others have a full-time commitment outside the church, and can only take part in services and parish activities at weekends and in the evenings.

All SSMs need to have a Working Agreement, which makes quite clear what the commitment they can offer is, and ensures that they have some time off. SSMs are entitled to a statement of particulars, setting out the terms of ther contact with the Dioceses. SSMs who are licensed to a parish, but have a significant working context, also need to be supported by their parish, and for people to remember them and their work in their prayers.

Whatever the details of an SSMs working life, the one thing that unites us all is that we are always priests wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Our vocation is to be priests in our churches, and also in the places where we work and where we live, embodying Christ's presence there.

The Self-Supporting Ministry Working Agreement can be downloaded here.