Vocational Living

To be fully alive means finding what the very best actually is for you today and tomorrow. It is truly living well, because of what Jesus has done, and who He enables you to be.

At the heart of real living, are healthy relationships. A good relationship with God, good relationships with each other, a good relationship with our own selves and a healthy relationship with the rest of creation.

It also means discovering and expressing who we really are, through our interests and passions and the things we do, finding real joy in the fulfilment of His plan and purposes.


  • Our Career is what we are paid for,
  • Our Calling (Vocation) is what we are made for

… and it may be that our career, our paid employment, enables our vocation!

Let’s also consider three important elements for living well – Vocation as “Follow Me”; Vocation as Relationships, and Vocation as “Leaving the Past”

Remember instead of asking Is God calling me?

We need to be asking WHAT IS GOD CALLING ME TO?

Each of us has a part to play in God's mission, which is to reconcile the world to himself. All Christians are called to grow in the likeness of Christ and to represent him in and to the world that others may come to know his light and love.

What specifically is your calling?

To help you find out – visit the Exploring Vocation pages