Young People and Confirmation

Confirmation marks an important step in an individual's faith journey. If you have been baptised as an infant or small child, confirmation marks the moment where the promises made on your behalf by godparents at baptism, are accepted by you.

It is a public statement that you intend to live a life of committed discipleship. The service is conducted by a bishop and confirmation services take place in various churches across the diocese each year, including services at Ely Cathedral.


If you or your child wish to be confirmed, you should discuss this with your vicar. They will then contact the local rural dean to see when a confirmation service is happening in the deanery. It may be that the church at which you are confirmed is not your normal place of worship.

A young person who wants to be confirmed should be sufficiently mature to accept responsibility for their baptismal vows. The minimum age for confirmation is eleven years old. If the child is younger than this, special permission from the Bishop of Ely must be sought before starting the preparation process.

If they have not been baptised already, it is possible to baptise them as part of the confirmation service. Godparents and friends are invited to this service to mark the young person 's progression in the faith.

All candidates are expected to attend a preparation course to explore confirmation as the next step and to help them understand the promises they are making. This preparation will be given by the vicar or a designated person from your church who will hold a DBS.


The yearly schedule for confirmations is organised on a deanery basis. The rural dean is the initial point of contact to find a service happening locally. If no rural dean is in place, you may contact either your archdeacon or the Bishop's office.

All potential candidates should be eleven or older. Prior permission should be sought from the bishop if the child is younger.Permission will need to be given before any preparation is started.

Those with additional needs are treated in exactly the same way as other candidates.


There are a number of effective courses for confirmation. These should be delivered by the vicar or a designated person who holds DBS.

Recommended courses:

Youth Emmaus Stephen Cottrell, Sue Mayfield, Time Sledge, Tony Washington

Live Life CD Rom Tony Cook and Dan Jones (Diocese of Bristol website)

The names and ages of those confirmed must be recorded on the form obtainable from the Bishop 's Secretary. These particulars should also be entered in the parish 's Confirmation Register.