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Footer Navigation2019-08-20 14:23:44
Diocesan Directory2019-08-19 11:27:36
Pastoral Reorganisation2019-08-19 10:49:07
Ely Diocesan Board of Patronage2019-08-19 10:46:55
Pastoral Organisation2019-08-19 10:45:46
Summary of the course2019-08-19 10:10:44
Contact the Church Buildings and Pastoral Department2019-08-19 09:28:36
Miscellaneous2019-08-12 15:11:25
Parochial fees2019-08-12 11:00:44
Expenses and claims2019-08-12 10:56:17
Safeguarding2019-08-06 11:06:37
Statistics for Mission returns2019-08-06 09:14:39
Deanery Synod2019-07-29 14:44:06
Prayer calendar2019-07-29 11:26:38
Authorised Lay Ministry2019-07-25 09:09:49
Party with a Purpose2019-07-23 16:53:42
Bishop of Huntingdon2019-07-23 15:23:19
Our Bishops2019-07-23 15:22:35
Bishop of Ely2019-07-23 15:10:35
Reviews and Reports2019-07-23 11:50:27
Archdeaconry Mission and Pastoral Committees2019-07-23 08:57:07
Diocesan Office2019-07-11 08:52:01
Diocesan Synod Dates and Minutes2019-07-04 10:31:59
DAC (Constitution and Membership; Meeting Dates and Deadlines)2019-07-03 09:03:45
Sunday Morning Resources2019-07-02 17:27:05
Curate - Initial Ministerial Development Phase 22019-07-02 15:22:34
Parish Forms and Templates2019-07-02 12:59:30
Ministry Share2019-07-01 16:45:54
Archdeacons' Visitations2019-07-01 12:19:55
Articles of Enquiry2019-07-01 12:05:02
Thy Kingdom Come 2019 - Join the global wave of prayer2019-07-01 08:49:54