Statistics for Mission Dashboards (up to 2016) by Deanery

Every parish in the country is asked by the Church of England to provide Statistics for Mission information for their parish.

This is an exercise parishes undertake at the end of each year, ready to submit their returns for the previous during January of the next year.

The Church of England Research and Statistics team uses these submissions to publish tables at a 'Diocese' level, which can be found on their website here.

They also 'clean' these returns (for omissions/anomalies etc) and produce graphical 'dashboards' for every Deanery in the Church of England.

Because so much work goes into the cleansing of this information, these dashboards are normally a year or so behind when the data was first collected, but they do none-the-less provide some useful information at the 'Deanery' level.

The dashboards below show information up to and including returns submitted for 2016.

You can access these Dashboards for the Ely deaneries via the drop-down below.