Statistics for Mission Dashboards (up to 2017) by Benefice

These Benefice Statistics for Mission dashboards aim to offer a clear summary of the reported patterns of church attendance and participation in our Benefices.

The information they contain, though an important part of the lives of churches, does not of course cover everything that churches do; we hope that by displaying it clearly and conveniently this information can better inform the decisions that churches make about their mission and ministry.

These Benefice dashboards contain a summary of the Statistics for Mission (i.e. attendance and participation) returns as submitted by churches/parishes from 2008-2017. Missing or late returns may lead to gaps and (in the case of multiple church parishes) unusual-looking fluctuations.

As far as possible, the dashboard for each Benefice contains information relating to the churches currently in that Benefice. Where Benefice structures have changed, attempts have been made to try to reflect the current structure. Dashboard file names contain the deanery name and Benefice name.

The Church of England Research and Statistics team are keen to correct erroneous figures wherever possible. If you believe that incorrect information has been submitted on behalf of your parish, please get in touch via email or see the guidance here:

Some errors will be easy to fix; in other cases, further information may be required and you may be asked to complete the relevant sections of a Statistics for Mission return. Any corrections will be incorporated into the next annual update of these dashboards.

The bulk of the work in creating these dashboards has been done by the churches who report the information and the dioceses who encourage this reporting. It is then the hard work from colleagues in the Church of England Research and Statistics team who then produce these dashboards that the Diocese of Ely then chooses to share through it’s website.

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If your Benefice is not visible, it might mean there is an issue that needs to be resolved. Please email who will be able to investigate the matter.