Prayer and spirituality

Prayer is simply communication between people like you and me, and God who made us and cares for us, enjoys our company and wants a relationship with us.

Jesus came to show us what God is like and to teach us how to pray. His living, dying and rising again cleared the way for us to come into God' s presence just as we are, however we are feeling and whatever our circumstances.

The wonderful truth is that God loves us, knows us by name and always hears us when we pray.

Spirituality is to do with the way prayer affects our lives and the ways we respond to God.

The ups and downs of life can cause us to pray even without us noticing that is what we are doing: ' Help' , ' Thank you' , ' Sorry' , ' Please' . However, sometimes we feel a longing for something deeper, a feeling Saint Augustine recognised when he wrote:

' You have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless till they find their rest in you.'

Of course, we are all different. Some of us are happy to talk, others prefer silence, some of us are comfortable in stillness, while others prefer to meet with God out-of-doors. It has been said that there is no such thing as a good pray-er, there are only people who pray.

The materials on these pages is intended to help you discover more about prayer and spirituality and the nourishment they can offer us.

Starting out includes guidance on creating, shaping and using a space to pray.

Help for the journey includes suggestions on what and who might assist you as you explore how to be someone who prays.

Equipping for the journey includes ideas and resources to enrich and encourage a life of prayer.