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There is a lot of material available to support you and your church, much of this can be found on the pages listed here.

To help you effectively reach your church community and maintain the health of your church, we believe the following highlighted pages are a good place to start exploring.


First published on: 15th November 2022

This innovative research project in a church context provides an understanding of the relationship between communities and the wider use of church buildings as well as the contribution that churches make to the common good. The project determines community values, needs and opportunities that can be used in the most effective way to ensure a win-win outcome for communities and sustainable future of historic church buildings.

Prayer and Liturgy

First published on: 28th April 2020

This page contains links to various Liturgy and Prayer Resources from both the National Church, Diocesan teams and Ely Cathedral. It also provides guidance on where to access prayer and services that might be available through your local church.

Prayer & Liturgy image.png

Care of Church Buildings and Faculties

First published on: 28th April 2020

Materials to help you in a position of supporting your church buildings.

Mental well-being, working from home and self-isolating

First published on: 28th April 2020

There are many resources that seek to support those who may find themselves self-isolating or working from home. This page links to a few of these that you might find helpful. It is not expected that all the guidance is appropriate to you in your current role, simply that you might find elements helpful.

door opening working from home image.jpg

Being an Online Digital Church

First published on: 28th April 2020

This page offers guidance and useful links to support your church to best use the digital tools available to help you reach your worshipping community. This includes practical guidance blogs on how to live-stream services and some FAQs around typical problems you might encounter such as permissions, technology limitations and matters of copyright.

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