Fresh expressions of Church courses

Are you thinking of starting a Fresh Expression of Church?

Are you wondering if you might be a pioneer?

Do you have a passion for mission in an innovative way but you 're not sure where to start?

Emerging Pioneers is a pop up, one stop learning community that can come to your church, united benefice, leadership or ministry team, PCC, deanery... to help you to explore what it means to pioneer a Fresh Expression of Church. It offers tailor made learning from a selection of topics, facilitated conversation and first hand examples from experienced pioneers.

Once we 've gone there is an expectation that the group will be continue to explore what has been covered and there will also be an opportunity to set up a visit or placement experience at a Fresh Expression of Church local to you. Group numbers can be between 5-20 people and can be booked for an evening or day time session lasting 2-3 hours.

Learning focus can include:

  • What is a Fresh Expression of Church?
  • What is church?
  • Blended economy: a 50/50 vision
  • Genres of Fresh Expressions of Church
  • Models of Fresh Expressions of Church
  • What is a pioneer?
  • Inherited gathered and fresh - 'from franchise to enterprise '
  • A changing context for mission
  • Millennials: reaching those aged 18-35
  • Sustainability
  • Local context: rural, new housing, urban