Vocation as 'Follow me'

A reflection on how following Jesus leads to your vocation.

Jesus says:

'Follow me'

'I have come to give you life, and life in all its fullness'

'I am the Truth, and the Truth will set you free'

'I call you my friend. I Love you'

Through baptism, Jesus calls all of us to share in his ministry, in a way that only we can do. For most people, this will happen in the course of everyday life, in living out our faith at home and at work, restoring the World to the purposes of God.

And for some, it can take the form of various ministries within the Church.

Jesus by his Ascension, and through the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, effectively says:

'Over to you', will you be my Good News, bringing my redemption to others through the living of your lives?

There is an old legend which says:

When Jesus had ascended into heaven, the angel Gabriel asked him, "Lord what plans have you made for carrying on your ministry in the world? How will people learn of what you have done for them?" Jesus responded: "I left that to Peter, James and John, Martha and Mary. They are to tell their friends and their friends will tell other friends until the whole world has heard the good news". Gabriel then asked: "What if Peter is so busy with his nets and Martha, so full of her housework and the friends, so preoccupied that they all forget to tell their friends? Don't you think you should make a Plan B?" Jesus answered: "I have no Plan B. I am counting on my children to spread my name and my love."

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