Christenings / Baptisms

Christening is the popular name for a baptism of a young child.

Your child's christening is the beginning of their amazing journey of faith.

Your local church will be very pleased to hear from you. Contact the vicar or parish administrator - often the church website or noticeboard will give information on who to contact, or you can visit to find your local church.

You will need to choose godparents. They will be people you can trust, who will be in touch with you for many years to come. Because of the very special role they have in supporting your child' s faith journey, they need to have been baptised themselves.

More information is available from the national Church of England website:

Thanksgiving service for the gift of a child

This is a different church service which concentrates on thanking God for your child.

It is possible to have this service instead of a christening. You might choose this service when your baby is just born.

Again, your local vicar will be pleased to talk to you about this.

Adult baptism

Some parents choose not to baptise their children as babies, instead leaving the decision for them to make as they mature. This provides the opportunity to explore for themselves what the Christian faith is all about: a life lived in relationship with God through Jesus Christ.