The Process

4. The Process

Preparation & Planning

Any unit of the diocese may apply -deanery, parishes, Fresh Expressions of Church etc.

Applications will

  • come from prayerful discernment by a Christian community
  • need to show clear outcomes in all three dimensions of growth.

Before filling in an application form it is important that applicants make contact with the Growth Fund Administrator.

This is to ensure that a good working relationship can be created and that the application can be fully supported by the Committee.

The Fund administrator or another member of the Ely 2025 Fund committee will be in contact with the applicant to help them consider further pertinent questions as they prepare the application.

This critical friend needs to be engaged at least 6 weeks before the application is made. This will ensure the quality of application and likelihood of a successful outcome.

Churches need to submit final pcc accounts prior to application & will continue to submit them through the life of the grant process.

The Application Form

The application forms are available on the Application Form Page

The application process is likely to take 2-3 months

Once successful

Regular review of how projects are meeting their stated outcomes is critical.

Project reports will need to be submitted every 6 months on progress made towards stated outcomes.

Where a project is envisaged as ongoing or in perpetuity there will be need for evidence to show viability and sustainability beyond the lifetime of the grant.

Where applications involve employment a commitment to attending Line Management Training will be required to ensure that employment law and good practice is adhered to.

If the project involves ministry in specific area (ie youth work) then the employee will be required to relate to the diocesan network and officer in that sector.

Step by step guide for the Growth Fund

  1. Meet with the Fund Administrator
  2. Applicants will then be linked up to a project friend who will support and guide them through the project
  3. With the guidance and support of the project friend and others an application is submitted
  4. The Growth Fund committee meets once a term to consider applications
  5. If successful the core team of the project will be asked to attend two separate days of training in project management. One of these will at the start of the project and the other within the first year.
  6. If the project is looking to employ someone then line management training will be required.
  7. Regular reports will be written throughout the length of the project