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In this section you will find news items relating to our Diocesan schools.

Looking out for others - Courageous Advocacy at Wilburton Primary School

The Courageous Advocacy award was presented, for the first time at Wilburton Primary School, to a pupil who has shown time and time again their empathy for others. 

wilburton courageous advocacy 2.jpg

In the Footsteps of St Felix - Heritage project with students from Soham VC

Year 9 and 10 students from Soham Village College were invited to take part in an archeaology project at St Andrew's Church during July 2023.


Speaking out - Courageous Advocacy at St Bede's Inter-Church School

A student at St Bede's reported bullying that had been filmed and shared online, enabling teachers to stop the bullying.


Supporting EACH - Courageous Advocacy at Weeting School

Student members of the School Council at Weeting Church of England Primary School were recently awarded the Diocese of Ely Courageous Advocacy Award, in recognition for all the hard work they have put in around fundraising for East Anglian Children's Hospice (EACH) this year.


The Sunflower Project - Courageous Advocacy at Barnabas Oley School

Lauren and Harvey wanted to come up with a plan to help the people in Ukraine. They made up 'grow your own sunflower' kits, wove God's eyes and brought them into church and school to sell. The wider communities in the villages got to hear of the children's vision and supported them too.


Dress like an animal day - Courageous Advocacy at Park Street School

A group of four children have been championing Courageous Advocacy at Park Street School.


Raising Awareness - Courageous Advocacy at Folksworth School

Frankie Dalton, a year 5 student at Folksworth Church of England Primary School was recently awarded a Diocese of Ely Courageous Advocacy Award, in recognition of her raising the profile of Parkinson's, for wanting to understand what it must be like when you can’t speak to communicate, and for trying to raise money to help.


Making positive change - Courageous Advocacy at Linton Infants School

Canon Andrew Read, Diocesan Director of Education, Mission and Ministry was delighted to present Bella with the very first Diocese of Ely Courageous Advocacy Award.

Bella courageous advocacy award.jpg

Cherry Hinton C of E Primary School visit to Hunstanton Beach

Sally Haiselden, Headteacher at Cherry Hinton Church of England Primary School wrote to tell our Schools team about their recent visit to the beach, made possible by a Diocesan trust fund.

shingle beach.jpg

Great Wilbraham Lilibet Garden

Great Wilbraham School have created their Lilibet Garden as a quiet reflective space for pupils and staff to enjoy.

lillibet garden.jpg

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