Scope of Governance

The Ely Diocesan Education Committee has a wide scope of governance, which is overseen day to day by the Diocesan Education Team.

Schools & Academies

The Diocese of Ely covers the county of Cambridgeshire, West Norfolk and Southern Peterborough.  In this area there are 85 Church schools of which 39 are currently members of DEMAT, and 2 are currently members of ACT Multi Academy Trust, the Diocese’s Multi Academy Trusts.

The oldest schools date from the 17th Century benefactions of men such as Barnabas Oley at Great Gransden and William Westley at Whittlesford, while new schools have opened in new housing developments at Alconbury Weald (Ermine Street Academy) and Northstowe (The Pathfinder School).

Diocese of Ely Education Trust (DEET)

By legal requirement - like all dioceses - Ely has a Diocesan Board of Education (DBE), served by a Diocesan Director of Education (DDE) who is appointed by the Bishop, and supported by a small expert team of Officers. In the case of Ely, the DDE is also Group CEO of the DEET, an umbrella charitable trust for education provision across the Diocese.



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