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News and Announcements

Welcome to the News and Announcements page

From this page you will be able to access both the News items that have been published on the website, and the Announcements.


  • Typically news items are published that hope to support and benefit those in the parishes.
  • Frequently they are in the form of either Diocesan or National Church newsletters or updates, but also include certain key messages from the Bishops' Office.


  • The Announcements section covers post announcements (those joining or leaving the diocese), notices of pastoral reorganisation and RIP notices.
  • These announcements are almost always issued from the Bishop’s Office.

Past e-newsletters

You can view a list of past e-news updates on the links below. To sign-up to one of our newsletters, please visit this page.


Page last updated: Tuesday 31st August 2021 9:40 AM
First published on: 24th September 2020
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