Retired clergy

Retired clergy

Retired clergy remain a huge asset in the Diocese of Ely, being present in parishes preaching, leading, taking special services, serving and supporting in all kinds of ways. 

These pages are here to provide information and support for our retired clergy and their families.



Retired Clergy Officers

The Retired Clergy Officer(s) and the Clergy Widows Officer are available to support all retired clergy and their families in the Diocese.

Retired Clergy Annual Gathering

Details about the Retired Clergy Annual Gathering.

Retired Clergy Conference

Details about the Retired Clergy Conference

Retired Clergy Study Day

Details of the Retired Clergy Study Day

Retired Clergy Miscellaneous

Other useful information for Retired Clergy including on fees, housing and training workshops.

Retired Clergy Meetings

Meetings for Retired Clergy from the Cambridge Branch of the Retired Clergy Association and the Ely Fringe Meetings for Retired Clergy.

Retired Clergy RIP Notices

A list of recently deceased Clergy members.

Clergy Charities

This page contains information and links to a number of charities that are available to help support clergy and their families.

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