Etheldreda and the Etheldreda Medal Award

This page provides further information on who Etheldreda was, and what the Etheldreda Medal Award is and how you might be able to make a nomination for this Award.

Who was St Etheldreda

Etheldreda (Aethelthryth, Ediltrudis, Audrey) (d.679), was a queen, foundress and abbess of Ely and has a significant part in the history of the Diocese of Ely. This page provides further details about the saint who was a significant part of the Diocese of Ely's beginnings.

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The Etheldreda Medal Award - Nominations and Guidance

Every two years, The Bishop of Ely awards the Etheldreda Medal to individuals who have given 'generous and outstanding service', which would not otherwise be recognised. this page introduces this Award further.

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Etheldreda Medal Award - 2022 Citations

Nominations for the Etheldreda Medal Award (2022) closed in May, and we are delighted to list here the Citations for those who were awarded the Etheldreda Medal in October 2022.

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