I'm new to the Christian faith

I'm new to the Christian faith

Christianity is the largest religion in the world, with around two billion followers. About 42m Britons describe themselves as Christian, with 6m saying they are actively practising their faith.

If you believe and trust in Jesus Christ, you are a Christian. That belief is often described as a journey, because faith, doubt and levels of commitment can change. It can grow, strengthen and affect day to day living and behaviour, or, it can weaken and even disappear. It is a journey that never begins for some people, but can be utterly life-changing for others.

Wherever you are at this moment, the journey can begin.

This community has a vision and strategy to grow and develop its own belief and trust in Jesus, and to introduce others to the Christian story too.

The Diocese of Ely strategy asserts that to have begun the amazing journey of faith is to be fully alive. It helps us to make the best of this life through following Jesus’ teachings, loving God and loving other people. It is a lifetime of learning and surprises, working towards a future filled with hope and purpose for ourselves and for others.

If you are very new to the Christian faith and would like to know more, there are many ways you can do that:

  • Browse online – the Christian Enquiry Agency has a good website for people wanting to know more about the Christian faith and Jesus.
  • Go on a course – many churches in the Diocese of Ely offer courses to introduce people to the Christian faith, providing space to ask questions. One example is Alpha. Ask at your local church what they offer.
  • Talk to others – people in your local church can talk to you about their faith. Some may be able to tell you how it has changed their lives. Contact your vicar and ask if there is a way you can talk to someone there.

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What is faith and belief?
A brief description of what faith is and how beliefs impact on the way we live.

What do Christians believe?
The basics of the Christian faith

Is Christianity true?
How Christianity has been challenged and some books to help with deeper thought

More about Jesus
A summary of Jesus' life in a poem, and where to find out more.

More about God
Who God says He is and how we can try to know Him better

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
A short explanation of the Trinity - God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

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