The Etheldreda Medal Award

What is the Etheldreda Medal

  • Every two years, The Bishop of Ely awards the Etheldreda Medal to individuals who have given 'generous and outstanding service', which would not otherwise be recognized.
  • The Etheldreda Medal Award is for persons whose service to community (which might be as local as their extended family but could be as extensive as a national or international concern) is both 'generous' and 'outstanding'.
  • Awards go to exceptional people; those who might (in partnership with others) come close to being awarded a Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. For many people this will be about the duration and persistence of their good works, for others it may relate to a short but extraordinary act of kindness or course of conduct.
  • The medal is awarded to suitable candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, nationality, religion or sexual orientation.

Nominating someone for an award

  • Anyone can nominate someone for an Etheldrda Medal. These nominations will then be reviewed by a panel of volunteers who have been appointed to identify suitable recipients.
  • Most of these awards will be presented publicly at a special service at Ely Cathedral, but there will be other opportunities throughout the year.
  • We hope you will help us with this project, either by making a nomination yourself, or by encouraging others to do so.
  • The Nomination Form (which contains details of the procedure and some fictional examples of the kind of people to whom may make the award) is available to download below.
    • Download a Nomination Form HERE - awaiting a new nomination form
  • In the event that you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Convenor of the Etheldreda Medal Award Selection Panel, the Rev'd Mike Banyard, by emailing him on - heading up your message 'Etheldreda Medal Award'.

The next Etheldreda Medal - 2020

  • The last Etheldreda Medals were awarded in 2018. The next awrds will be in 2020 - however, you are welcome to nominate someone at any time and these will all be taken into consideration.