Diocesan Synods

Every diocese has its own Diocesan Synod which consists of the bishops and archdeacons and elected laity and clergy.

Its role

  • consider matters affecting the Church of England in the diocese;
  • act as a forum for debate of Christian opinion on matters of religious or public interest;
  • formulates diocesan policy on a wide range of issues;
  • advise the bishop where requested;
  • deal with matters referred by General Synod;
  • votes the funding of stipends and administration to be raised from the parishes.

Diocesan Synod Standing Orders

Diocesan Synods Dates and Minutes

2022 Dates

  • 5 March (AM)
  • 13 June (PM)
  • 15 October (AM)

2021 Dates

2020 / 2019 Dates

Further details on future Diocesan Synod dates can be found in the calendar section on the website.

Diocesan Synod papers are issued from the Diocesan office by Sheena Bridgman. Please contact Sheena via email here if you have any queries.

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