Crown Nominations Commission

Election of Diocesan Representatives to the Crown Nominations Commission

The Vacancy in See Committee (ViSC) is responsible for electing six (6) representatives from its own membership to serve on the Crown Nominations Commission for their Diocese.

Members of the ViSC are elected to the CNC via a Single transferable vote (STV) process.

On 16 November 2023, a vote (via Civica) for the election of the 6 representatives from the Diocese of Ely’s Vacancy in See Committee to the Crown Nominations Commission was run.

The following individuals were elected. The voting record can be viewed here (click here).

  • The Revd Canon James Blandford-Baker
  • Canon Dr Felicity Cooke
  • The Revd Canon Sarah Gower
  • The Ven Dr Alex Hughes
  • Canon Simon Kershaw
  • Mr Christopher Townsend

Meetings of the Crown Nominations Commission

The membership of the Crown Nominations Commission is set out in the Standing Orders of the General Synod (SO 136).

For any particular vacancy, the membership will comprise the Archbishops, six representatives elected by the General Synod (“central members”), and six representatives elected by the Diocese (“diocesan representatives”). There are also non-voting members - the Prime Minister’s and Archbishops’ Appointments Secretaries (non-voting members), and one additional member if the CNC chooses to co-opt one (SO 137(4A)).

Those members will meet to:

  • Develop the role profile and the person specification for the next bishop
  • Shortlist candidates for interview
  • Interview candidates


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