Statement of Needs

The Vacancy in See Committee is responsible for preparing “The Diocesan Statement of Needs”.

The Diocesan Statement of Needs sets out a description of the Diocese, reflections on the challenges and opportunities for Gospel and Church in the communities served and the gifts and skills they might be seeking in a new bishop to lead them in their response to these.

This page will set out the process by which the Diocesan "Statement of Needs" document will be produced and submitted to the Crown Nominations Commission.


The following activities were part of the process of producing and agreeing the Diocesan "Statement of Needs" document. Consultation responses and feedback will be thoroughly reviewed by the Vacancy in See Committee to inform the drafting of the Statement of Needs.

  • July/September 2023: Feedback was sought on the appointment of a new Diocesan Bishop through an online consultation that was open to responses from 28 July 2023 to 18 September 2023, inclusive.
  • 30 October 2023: Public Meeting (which will be held over Zoom and Chaired by the Dean) at which individuals were invited to make statements in relation to their wishes for the next Bishop of Ely. the recording of this session can be viewed here - 
  • W/c 30 October 2023: There was (via Zoom) consultations with the Archbishop’s Appointments Secretary and the Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretary during the week commencing 30 October 2023. This will be coordinated by the Diocese of Ely and will involve a wide range of people from across the Diocese.

Statement of Needs - Publication

Further Questions


Our Prayer

We praise and thank you, God of the journey, for all your gifts to us in the past.

We look to you as fellow traveller and faithful companion on the way ahead.

Strengthen us by your Holy Spirit

and guide us

as we seek to discern who you are calling to be our new Bishop,

that together we may serve you

as generous and visible people of Jesus Christ our Lord.



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