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A Church Near You

A Church Near You is the Church of England's church-finder tool. But it is also a place where your church can manage its online presence.

Visitors are able to locate their parish church, which can be useful for weddings, christenings and other special life events; or find a church near you that provides a particular service such as children's groups, specific styles of worship or community action work. 

Using A Church Near You as your parish website

Many parishes are using their A Church Near You page as their main website, as it is a free and secure platform offered by the Church of England that both receives a lot of visitor traffic and is also used nationally throughout the year and during key campaigns to connect the public with their local church.

The Church of England Digital team are constantly working on new features and functionality to help your ACNY page work as a website and meet your needs. If you have any suggestions for new functionality, do let them know.

If you would like to make your current church domain – your church’s web address or URL – ‘point’ to your a Church Near You page, please check out this help centre article which explains how to do this. Once you have set this up, anyone visiting your churches domain, such as will be automatically directed to your A Church Near You page.

Please note that the Church of England central team we do not provide hosting for websites built on other platforms or used for email hosting - you might want to explore what is offered by Church Edit, if you are looking for more information on this.

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First published on: 4th January 2022
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