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Bat Walk and Community Clean

Join local bat expert and professional ecologist Phil Parker for an introduction to St Mary’s bats. After a short talk you’ll use the latest technology, night vision cameras and bat detectors to watch the bats leave their roost at dusk.

Have a picnic in the beautiful surroundings of St Mary’s churchyard. Refreshments will be provided, bring your own picnic or something for everyone to share!

Why not help give this beautiful church a deep clean and get it looking its best again? Just some elbow grease and enthusiasm needed - equipment, protective clothing etc will be provided. There is also a chance to get lots of advice on cleaning up after bats in churches.

Friday 11th August 2023, at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Wiggenhall, Norfolk
Community Clean from 4pm & Bat Walk from 7pm

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First published on: 3rd August 2023
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