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CCT launches "Netflix for people who love churches"

The Churches Conservation Trust is launching, a new online streaming platform where people will be able to access films about church heritage, whilst helping to care for the nation’s historic churches in the process.

In addition to free content that the public can enjoy, Members of the Trust will gain access to exclusive series and episodes. To launch the platform, the CCT partnered with Oxford University professor, and world-leading expert on the History of Christianity, Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch, to create ‘Churchcrawls in Solitude’.

In the CCT's announcement about the platform, they say that is an initiative in response to the growing efforts and work of the CCT in regard to going digital. Back in May 2020, the CCT began broadcasting free weekly lunchtime lectures through Facebook. Topics covered everything from art, architecture and history through to folklore. is part of a wider strategy at the Trust, which seeks to empower people and communities across the country to use and love their historic places of worship.

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Page last updated: Thursday 25th November 2021 3:52 PM
First published on: 25th November 2021
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