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Has your Parish explored MaintenanceBooker?

What services are included?

  • Rainwater maintenance and follow on repair (guttering and alike)
  • Tree surveys
  • Tree surgery
  • Stonework, masonry and lime mortaring
  • Lightning protection system surveys and follow on repair
  • Asbestos surveys, management and removal
  • High level repairs

Register with MaintenanceBooker

  • Churches need to register for free with MaintenanceBooker and then they can search for quotes on services from a list of approved suppliers.
  • Once a quote has been selected, you are able to apply for a grant to help cover the cost of the work.

Apply for a grant 

  • There are grants available to help to cover the cost of the work, called Preventative Maintenance Micro Grants.
  • You can receive up to 50% of the cost of works, the maximum amount you can receive is £500.
  • If you are looking to fund a larger repair, there are grants available for these from the Foundation Grants for Maintenance, offering grants of up to £3,000.

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First published on: 16th March 2022
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