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Musical Meditation for Peace in the Ukraine

Last Sunday (13 March), All Saints Church, Wretton with Stoke Ferry, hosted a Musical Meditation for Peace in the Ukraine.

All were welcomed to join together for a quiet moment of reflection and contemplation, supporting those who are suffering in Ukraine.

The Musical Meditation ran from 3.30pm until dusk, and included Gentle Reflective Music (with the occasional verse), played and sung at points from Robert Howes and friends.

Organisers added that this was not “a concert”, just a way to help show the communities solidarity and support for the plight of those in Ukraine.

The event was opened by the Rev Dr Ian Mack, and as well as featuring the wonderfully talented musicians, also included readings. One the day, collections for Ukraine came to over £280.

Further Guidance

Some pictures from the Musical Meditation for Peace in the Ukraine are included below.

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First published on: 16th March 2022
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