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New Diocesan Office and Training Centre

The new Diocesan Office continues to take shape, here's a brief photo update from the week commencing 18th September 2023.

The last few weeks at the new Diocesan Office site have seen great progress. 

The roof is on, the walls are up and the internal floors are about to be installed.  The builders have said that they are on track to go ‘watertight’ in late October. 


The views from the 1st floor will be wonderful and a real feature of the building.  The Cathedral views can be seen over the tops of the trees as you look back towards the city. 


The concrete that will form the 1st floor is ready to pour.  This is the liner sheet that the concrete will go on to.

Page last updated: Thursday 28th September 2023 11:01 AM
First published on: 26th September 2023
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