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Ring out for Climate!

Bell Ringers are once again being invited to ring out for climate change on 5th November at 5pm ahead of COP27 [7-18 November] 

Come together as families and communities with songs, candles, art-work and prayers to express your concerns, hopes and fears.

“As we look to COP27 I support the idea of ringing out church bells and for congregations, communities and families to come together and express their hopes and fears for our environment and our future.” Archbishop Stephen of York

“I endorse a second nationwide ‘Ring out for Climate!’ on the eve of the COP27. The impact of climate change is being daily experienced, especially in the world’s economically poorest and most vulnerable countries who are not the nations that have caused this emergency. We must work together to safeguard our wonderful single island planet home and care for all God’s creation.” Graham Usher of Norwich, lead Bishop for the Environment

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Page last updated: Friday 7th October 2022 1:11 PM
First published on: 7th October 2022
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