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St Etheldreda House - An update on building progress!

The Diocese’s new offices are really starting to take shape, here’s a brief update on the major milestones reached by the first few days of September (2023)

Like most construction projects, the builders seem to spend months “in the ground” getting all the foundations and services done - then all of a sudden the really interesting visual bit happens, and you start to have what looks like a building! 

The last two weeks have seen just such progress on our new Diocesan Offices. 

The builders have recently had an enormous crane onsite, lifting all the steels into position.


You can now really see how it will all come together. The lift shaft and the internal stairs are all installed and you can clearly see he entrance foyer and where all the windows are going to sit.


This week (w/c 4th September 2023), the builders have also welcomed the absence of rain and are using the window in the weather to begin the installation of the roof. 

Page last updated: Wednesday 13th September 2023 1:06 PM
First published on: 5th September 2023
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