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The Church Development Tool from the Church of England

What is your church great at? What support would your congregation like to grow in faith, share their faith and serve their local community? 

The Church Development Tool can help you find out – and then point you to simple, tried and tested resources that will help you act on what you discover. 

The Church Development Tool is a short anonymous survey you ask your worshipping community to complete. You then get a simple report that gives you a clear picture of demographics, discipleship and evangelism in your church. 

How it works - Using ACNY

This year's Church Development Tool survey will launch in May 2022. 

Once it is launched, church leaders will be able to log into as an editor, and choose 'Church Development Tool' from the editor menu. There you will be able to find a choice of ways to invite your worshipping community to respond:

  • a link to email people, to ask them to complete the survey online
  • a printable PDF poster with a QR code to the survey, to display for people to scan with a smartphone to respond online
  • a printable PDF of the survey, for people who prefer to respond on paper

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First published on: 5th May 2022
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