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The Etheldreda Medal Award 2020

The Etheldreda Medal Award 2020

The Bishop of Ely awards his prestigious Etheldreda Medal to individuals who have served their community in generous and outstanding ways that would not otherwise be recognised.

More about the Etheldreda Medal can be read here.

We are delighted to inform you that this year the following people have been nominated and have accepted this award, which will be given at the Evensong service at Ely Cathedral on Saturday 17 October 2020.

Most will be aware that during these times of Covid19, there are restrictions around numbers for those who can attend these services, and the latest guidance from Ely Cathedral can be viewed here -

There will be an official photographer present at the Awards and we look forward to sharing the pictures after the service.

Etheldreda Medal Awards

With thanks to the Convener of the Etheldreda Medal Award Selection Panel, the Rev’d Mike Banyard, for compiling biographies of the recipients.


  • Ken has been a member of Christ the Servant King, (CSK) Hampton church for some years now. He ‘models a mature Christian life excellently and always encourages others on their journey.’  His life spills into service to the whole community at the church and in Hampton. He is the volunteer chair of their award-winning community coffee shop which serves the whole community.


  • Paul has been Headteacher at our Church of England school in Whittlesford for many years.  A pupil at the school says, ‘The school is like Mr Bryant’s home and we’re all like his family. He makes people happy’.  He plays a crucial role in the vibrant and thriving village of Whittlesford. His service to the whole community is exemplary and highly valued.


  • Betty’s contribution both to church and the whole community in the small village of Stuntney is ‘legendary’. She is also known and appreciated in the wider local community, where her organizational skills and warm personality have achieved a great deal in community building.


  • Tabitha makes a significant, highly valued contribution to the life of our cathedral. Among much community support, in particular, she has worked tirelessly for the annual community Christmas lunch in the Lady Chapel. She is ‘unassuming, hardworking and never seeks recognition’ She is also supportive in other ways too, in addition to having a very demanding role in the NHS.


  • ‘Joanne is a gift to our community’, and ‘her actions made all the difference’, write those who know Joanne well. She makes a distinctive and very effective contribution to the life of Sawtry, especially at this time of pandemic, when her actions meant that many of the most vulnerable were not forgotten and where community facilities were greatly helped by her inspiration. Joanne speaks up for the vulnerable and is a force against injustice.


  • Peter has used his professional expertise on the church building in Toft and contributes in so many other ways to the life of this community. Tireless in many pursuits, his contribution to the life of the community is both valuable and valued. ‘For both church and community, he is the first to step forward’, writes one member of that community.


  • Jane is an extraordinary person, totally reliable, organized and efficient, and always busy. As one friend puts is, “Jane puts God first, others next and herself last.” She lives and contributes to the life of the village of Northwold on the eastern edge of the diocese and makes a big difference. Her earlier professional life was in education with young children, but she now regularly helps those of all ages. She is a ‘very special person’ and makes a difference.

William (Bill) MURRELLS

  • Bill ‘is one of the quiet unsung heroes of the Diocese of Ely, who has devoted his life to the service of others,’ writes one church member at Haddenham. Bill served there for many years as churchwarden and used his professional background in building and conservation to great benefit for the church. Additionally, Bill, a quiet unassuming man, was a founding member of Concern for Swifts, a pioneer group who realized that swifts were declining, and something needed to be done. Thanks to Bill’s work in the communities around Ely and elsewhere, many swifts have been restored and thrive in our buildings. Bill also contributed to sports groups in Ely and District.

Catherine MYER

  • Cathy has ‘given of her time, energy and creativity to the community of Holy Trinity Hildersham, and the broader village beyond.’ She is a dedicated and highly committed member of the church, and this shows in her service to the wider community too. Cathy has instigated village lunches and teas, a book group, and has fund raised with lectures, Shakespeare shows, quizzes and fetes. Many wider charities have benefitted from all this effort. Cathy is a much-loved special lady.


  • Denis is ‘one of those key people whose wisdom and understanding have played a key role in the flourishing of local communities and his giving of time, energy and understanding have been above and beyond,’ writes one keen observer of Denis’ contribution both to the life of Impington church and the villages of Impington and Histon. He has been a Parish Councilor for over twenty years and taken the lead in many significant issues. He helped bring the two parish councils of Histon and Impington together and has worked tirelessly to make parish representation at the new communities in the north of Cambridge, and at North Stowe, a reality. His expertise is widely sought and appreciated both locally and nationally.


  • Pauline has a ‘joyous life-force about her, under-pinned by her lifelong commitment through Christian service to church and community.’ writes one who knows what Pauline does and what she contributes.  Pauline is a major part of the life blood of Meldreth village, and her ministry and influence reaches far beyond Melbourn and Meldreth. She is a community builder, fully involved in the life of the church too for many years.

Linda READ

  • Linda has been nominated for this award, among many other things for her, ‘years of loving service to others, willingly and unstintingly given.’ A member of a very long-standing Linton family, Linda has played a major part in the life of the church and the whole community. One person writes that her contribution to the community of Linton is both generous and outstanding. She is a welcoming presence, notices what others may miss and makes sure tasks are completed effectively. She served on the Parish Council too where her down to earth common sense was greatly appreciated. Linda makes a difference.


  • Dorothy has been a ‘very active member of Knapwell church, and served for many years as churchwarden, as well as many other roles too. Her underpinning faith leads her to serve the communities where she lives and serves. Another observer writes, ‘In her younger years, Dorothy’s equestrian talents were used to support Riding for the Disabled Association on a weekly basis.’ This is but one example of her dedication to the local community, meeting need where it is clear, and often in many other unsung ways. She is a ‘Hero of the community’ writes another observer.


  • ‘A genuinely kind, generous and dedicated family man’ who is at the heart of the church in Brinkley and the whole community there, writes one observer. John has served the church here, and elsewhere in the UK with total commitment, and has used his fund-raising abilities wisely and widely to support both the building, and the whole community too. He is a dedicated supporter of charities both in UK and in Europe. John makes a difference and is hugely appreciated for all he does.


  • Raymond has been a tremendous inspiration to many both at church in Little Wilbraham and in the wider community of this village. He has lived in Little Wilbraham since his early teens. He has served both churches, as Secretary and Churchwarden among other tasks, and community, as member and chair of the Parish Council, for many years. One person writes, ‘Raymond’s dedication to his village is inspirational. His length of service a long-term commitment. It sets a model that many should follow.’

Judith WOOD

  • Judith has spent her lifetime caring for others, professionally, within the community and within the church. She brings,’ calm professionalism to all her involvements.’, writes one observer. Judith’s work as volunteer coordinator of the monthly Fordham Day Centre Lunch club is a huge task undertaken with care and a warm welcome to all. Members enjoy a home cooked lunch, organized by Judith who also attends to transport needs for many. This is but one of the community tasks to which Judith contributes voluntarily. She is motivated by a selfless love of others. Judith also plays a major role at the church in Fordham, helping with many tasks, including a significant contribution to Messy Church and the annual children’s Holiday Club.




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