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The New Bishop of Ely - Seeking your views

"Statement of Needs" - consultation

We are seeking your confidential views (click here) on the next Bishop of Ely to help inform the "Statement of Needs".

This document will set out a description of the Diocese, reflect on the challenges and opportunities for Gospel and Church in the communities served and the gifts and skills they might be seeking in a new bishop to lead them in their response to these.

The Vacancy in See Committee

The Vacancy in See Committee is responsible for preparing “The Diocesan Statement of Needs”.

The legal framework for the operation of the Vacancy in See Committee is set out in the Vacancy in See Committee Regulation as Amended July 2021. The partnership of the Chair and Secretary of the Vacancy in See Committee (VISC) and the national appointments team is an important one. 

The Vacancy in See Committee is a standing committee (i.e. a permanent committee that springs into action when the Diocesan Bishop leaves). This Committee is responsible for electing six representatives from its own membership to serve on the Crown Nominations Commission for their diocese. Further information on the Vacancy in see Committee membership is available here.

“The Diocesan Statement of Needs” - A Consultation

We have now opened the Consultation period so you can give your views on the next Bishop of Ely.

Your Views

Please follow the link to complete the Statement of Needs consultation survey - click here

Further Information


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