Articles of Enquiry

Articles of Enquiry 2020 - Now Closed

Whether a parish is small or large, a market town, a city, a village or a tiny rural hamlet, completing the Articles of Enquiry will enable the different departments to know how best to target what they do to help each parish in its work.

A letter to Churchwardens from your Archdeacons

Dear Churchwardens,

If you are reading this, it probably means you are the first churchwarden listed in the Diocesan Directory. However, we do appreciate that in some parishes you may be the only Churchwarden. In either case, we want to thank you in advance for your help.

As ever, the questions in the Articles have been requested by members of departments in the Diocesan Office. The information you provide about what is happening in your own parish, whether small or large, market town, city, village or tiny rural hamlet, means that the different departments know best how to target what they do to help you in your work.

For this reason, we are very grateful for your time and effort in answering these questions. Please do try to complete the document as fully as possible, and preferably directly onto the SurveyMonkey site.

Before you start filling in the survey, we strongly suggest that you look at the Articles of Enquiry questions which are linked below, and discuss them with the relevant people such as your Safeguarding Officer or those who lead the children’s and youth work in your church and, of course, your vicar. That way the survey will be easier to complete.

We have written a similar letter to your vicar so they may already have discussed this with you.

This year, we are offering the opportunity for you to answer the questions either as an individual parish or as a benefice. If you choose to answer as a benefice (i.e., group of parishes) then please do liaise with others in the group and submit just one response on behalf of the whole benefice.  We have heard of at least of one benefice where the vicar invited all the wardens round for the evening and over wine and nibbles they completed the form together - just an idea!

  • The link to SurveyMonkey is: Survey now closed for 2020
  • Copy of the Questions can be read here: click to download

Please complete and return your Survey no later than Thursday 30 April 2020

We recognise that in such a diverse diocese a few of the questions may not apply to you; please don’t worry about those and simply complete as much as you can. Every answer counts!

Thank you very much for taking time to participate in this survey: we really do appreciate it.

Archdeacon of Cambridge - the Venerable Dr Alex Hughes

Archdeacon of Huntingdon and Wisbech - Venerable Hugh McCurdy

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First published on: 1st July 2019
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