The Christian Life

Christianity asserts that the universe was made by a Loving God who cares passionately about all aspects of Creation, especially Humanity, who are created to be God’s Friends and associates in Creation.

We are then called to put our trust in Jesus as God showing us what God is like in human form, and coming to meet us to help us live.

Christians are those who do trust that Jesus came and showed us the way – to live and to return to God, however far we might have strayed away from goodness.

“What does it mean to follow the way of Jesus?”

To follow Jesus is to embrace his teaching, his lifestyle, trusting that Jesus has opened the way to having a relationship with God as we were created to, which enables God to help us change. The Bible was written to help understand Jesus, to learn his teaching, and apply it to our lifestyle.

Discipleship – what we do to help us follow the way of Jesus – the making of good habits, and the breaking of bad habits (often by replacing the Bad Habit with a Good one!)

Vocational Living

Good News - God has shown his love for us by choosing to die rather than live without us. Good News - He chose us to be family, with him and with each other.

Good News - because of his love for us, he wants the very best for us in our lives, our purpose and our destiny. Good news – God has a plan and a purpose just for you, fulfilling your gifts and talents – that will bless you and others.

To be fully alive will mean finding what the “best” actually is for you today and tomorrow - what makes you come truly alive. It is through Jesus you become better at being your true self, and so discover life in all its fullness, your real vocation. Vocations then work with discipleship, the commitment to following Jesus to the “promised land” (and promised life in all its fullness).

Some Books to help:

  • Being Disciples. By Rowan Williams
  • Discipleship. By David Watson
  • Choose Love, not Power. By Tony Campolo
  • Foundations for Righteous Living. By Derek Prince
  • The Jesus Lifestyle. By Nicky Gumbel