What is Christianity

What is Christianity?

To understand what Christianity really is, we first must explore:

What is Faith?

Faith can be defined as our particular understanding of “how the Universe really works”. Faith then can be theistic (God(s) is/are involved), or atheistic (no God exists), or agnostic (don’t know whether a God is involved).

What is Belief?

Belief is about how we live (it comes from “to live by”) – our beliefs are what we live by. Our Faith, how we think the Universe works, will shape the way we live - it shapes our understanding of right and wrong, whether we believe (live by) right is externally set, or we are free to choose. (An aide to understanding - just think about the game people play “make believe”.)

This also explains why fear is the enemy of faith, for it is fear that will stop us from behaving in the way we know we should – our belief.

Does it matter what people believe? … YES

So, what can we say about Christianity?

Christianity asserts that the Universe was made by a Loving God who cares passionately about all aspects of Creation, especially Humanity, who are created to be God’s Friends and associates in Creation. We are then called to put our trust in Jesus as God showing us what God is like in human form, and coming to meet us to help us live.

As such, Christianity is more a movement, than a Religion (defined as a set of rules and dogma). It is more interested in attitudes changing behaviour, than in being behaviour driven. (Thus the instruction to love, as compared to laws set by Governments to cover the minutiae of life.)

The heart of Christianity is the invitation to have a relationship with God, and to become fully alive through that. The mistakes and messes we make in life are not to hold us back, because God has taken care of them through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Is it true?

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