God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Who is God?

First of all, God is beyond our understanding – if we could understand God, it wouldn’t be God – for as yet if we don’t understand the universe or ourselves, anything we do understand must be smaller than these!

Indeed, what the Bible shows is that what we know about God is what we find out as God gets involved in Creation and our lives. God is both male and female, with neither having greater prominence.

“Father God” reflects the historic circumstances in which God was experienced as Source, Sustainer, Authority and Power. “Mother God” reflects those times when God was experienced as Gentle, Nurturing and Intimate.

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Who is Jesus?

Humanity has lost its way through the mistakes and messes we continue to make. Literature whilst longing for “a utopia” does not offer the hope that humans will achieve it.

Help is needed. Jesus is God acting to give us that help – by showing and teaching us how to live, and by being willing to be the way back to God, evidenced by the tearing of the Temple Curtain from top to bottom during his crucifixion. (The Temple Curtain was a symbol of the separation of God from people due to their failings.) Christians are simply those who trust this is the truth for their hopes of today and tomorrow.

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Who is the Holy Spirit?

If humanity needs help, an example and a way are not sufficient without assistance to follow them. God then comes to each of us to help us live.

The Bible describes how God inspires change within ourselves through the action of the “Holy Spirit”, like wind and fire bring changes to the land without human help. Christians are those who ask and allow God to work in their lives to make them better through the Holy Spirit.