Introducing the Social Action section

Social Action and the Built Environment

The Diocese of Ely believes that it is imperative for churches to engage with issues of social justice and aim to respond to current needs within our culture and society,

Below you will find information to enable and train christians to engage with these matters with a sense of priority, concern, prayerfulness and practical application to see things change.

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Criminal justice
First published on: 24th June 2019
The core aim of the Diocesan Criminal Justice Forum is to raise awareness of current and long-term issues. We also provide information so that people can make educated decisions and if necessary challenge policies.
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Funding for Social Aid in the Diocese
First published on: 16th July 2019
There are two trust funds associated with the Diocese of Ely that make small grants towards charitable activities aimed at the relief of social deprivation. Here you will find information for funding assistance from either the Council for Social Aid or the Cambridge Female Welfare Fund.
Open Funding for Social Aid in the Diocese

The Clewer Initiative
First published on: 6th June 2022
The Clewer Initiative is enabling Church of England dioceses and wider Church networks to develop strategies to detect modern slavery in their communities and help provide victim support and care. This page helps direct you to more information on the work of The Clewer Initiative and how your community can help.
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First published on: 16th July 2019
Sadly, there are many people who through a variety of reasons find themselves unable to provide food for themselves and their families. This page contains Information on Foodbanks in the Diocese of Ely.
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New housing
First published on: 16th July 2019
Information on our plans to engage with people moving into new housing developments in our parishes.
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