Church Representation Rules 2020


New Church Representation Rules came into effect on 1 January 2020 and are now a great deal easier to understand.  The Rules are a vital tool kit for all involved in parochial, deanery, diocesan and national Church governance.  The new Rules are now available online.


Basic Outline of the new Rules

Part 1 – Church Electoral Roll

Makes provision for the compilation and revision of church electoral rolls.


Part 2 – Parish Governance

Provides for the model Rules in Part 9 to apply to each parish, but that is subject to the other provisions of Part 2 which enable a parish to make a scheme to amend or supplement, or to replace, the model Rules under the procedure set out in that Part.


Part 3 – Deanery Synods

Makes provision for the composition of, and elections to, Deanery Synods.


Part 4 – Diocesan Synods

Makes provision for the composition of, and elections to, Diocesan Synods


Part 5 – House of Laity of the General Synod

Makes provision for the membership of, and elections to, the House of Laity.


Part 6 – Appeals

Makes provision for appeals against decisions relating to enrolment on a church electoral roll and elections.


Part 7 – Disqualifications etc

Makes provision for persons to be disqualified from serving as a member of synodical bodies and for the vacation of a member’s seat on such a body in specified circumstances.


Part 8 – Miscellaneous

Makes miscellaneous provisions for the purposes of the Rules, including provisions relating to the handling of personal data, casual vacancies, communication by email or post and interpretation.


Part 9 – Parish Governance: Model Rules

Contains the model Rules for parish governance.  These provide for matters such as annual and other parochial church meetings, elections of members of parochial PCCs and deanery synods, the composition and business of PCCs, and the making of schemes for joint councils for ‘connected parishes’.  The model Rules will apply automatically unless a parish makes a scheme under Rule 12 to amend or supplement, or to replace, the model Rules.


Part 10 – Forms

Contains the forms which are required to be used for the purposes of the Rules.


Part 11 – Index

Contains an index of defined terms for the purposes of the Rules.

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