Christian healing organisations

Christian healing organisations

This page provides information about various Christian healing organisations.

Courses for churches are available covering both Christian listening and Christian healing. Various courses are also available at their centre at Whitehill Chase in Hampshire.

An independent Christian hospital providing respite care, palliative care, counselling and Christian ministry. Quiet Days with devotional talks in the context of worship and prayer take place throughout the year.

This ecumenical organisation began life as the London Healing Mission in 1948 but after closing for several years, re-opened under its current name. The mission will respond to requests for prayer by telephone or e-mail. They also train people and churches in the Christian Healing Ministry as well as arranging study days.

Go to themes; church life & evangelisation; healing to find the appropriate part of this website which provides resources and guidance from an ecumenical perspective.

A healing centre providing opportunities for rest, retreat, healing prayer and ministry.

Provides healing retreats with opportunities for personal prayer ministry.

Provides encouragement, advice and training in helping emotionally damaged people to experience wholeness in Christ. Also produces the Freedom in Christ Discipleship course described earlier.

Encourages churches to view the ministry of healing as a normal part of life and worship. Has a focus on the use of sacraments in healing. A number of useful articles on the website.

Healing is available through professional counselling, mental health support, spiritual direction and healing prayer.

Prayer ministry courses are held in various parts of the country.

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