Diocesan Directory

The Diocesan Office team recognise that the Diocesan Directory is an extremely useful resource for those across our Diocese.

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 introduced enhanced data subject rights for individuals with regards to how businesses, including the Ely Diocesan Board of Finance, uses their personal data - this resulted in a review of what personal data is included in the Directory.

The latest Directory can be download from the link below. Please note that this Directory was originally generated in November 2018, therefore any Pastoral/people changes registered with the Diocese since then will not have been included.

We plan to publish a revised directory after the APCM's (c.April 2019) which will also include some PCC member details and any updates for people and pastoral details that have occurred over the previous months.

Ely Diocesan Directory - 16 January 2019

Please note, we rely on our parishes keeping us up-to-date with changes so that our database, and in turn the Directory, is as accurate as possible.

Therefore, if you do spot an errors of any sort, please contact the appropriate Diocesan team to help us correct these errors - your support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

If your details (or details we hold about a parish, church, benefice or deanery) are inaccurate, please direct your correction as follows: