Fund Finder

A valuable tool developed to make searching for funding quicker and easier.

The diocese has purchased grant finding software designed to give your parish easy access to comprehensive funding information.

The online tool enables registered users to search through the thousands of Government, Lottery, charitable trust and other funds available including European, national, regional and local schemes.

This user-friendly programme requires a simple input of some key criteria onto an online form, which then generates applicable funding quickly and easily.

Fund Finder at a Glance

What is Fund Finder?

  • The Diocese of Ely Fund Finder is a free, easy to use online tool, developed to help parishes access funding.

How Can It Help Me?

  • It can be used at your own convenience to increase income to support projects within your community.

When Can I Start Using It?

  • Fund Finder is available for you to use now

Where Can I Find More Information / Access Fund Finder?

Key benefits of fund finder include:

  • Complete, clear fund details, including criteria, who to contact and links to application forms
  • A dedicated local support section allowing users to advertise their own local events and initiatives
  • Automatic email alerts and weekly e-newsletters to keep you informed of the latest funding announcements
  • Timesaving - searching for funding will no longer be as time consuming and difficult
  • Search results and specific themes can be saved to a personal profile
  • A polling tool which allows users to ask others if their applications have been successful.

The software will empower parishes, allowing them to make informed decisions about funding using the latest up-to-date and accurate information.